A list of projects that use a shell pipe and cURL or Wget to install themselves.

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Pipe Install

A list of projects that use a shell pipe and cURL or Wget to install themselves

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It is generally considered bad and unsafe practice to download a shell script from the Internet and then run it directly in the shell via pipe unchecked. However, many projects now use this and it is even their official way to install their software. There are more elegant ways to do this and one would be to check a hash sum first and then run the script, but this is mostly bypassed by a pipe. The installation scripts are usually not designed for this and therefore often a dangerous practice.

This list should not be a pillory but a list for the overview of which projects use this and where you should be careful as a user. This means to take a look at the install scripts before you run them unchecked.


Project Type of Software Lang.
Bashhub Interactive Shell Python
basher Shell Package Manager Shell
bpkg Bash Package Manager Shell
Calibre E-Book Management Python
Deno Runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript Rust
Google Cloud SDK Cloud Service SDK ?
Homebrew macOS Package Manager Ruby
Lektor static CMS Python
Nix Reproducible builds and deployments Crystal
nvm Node Version Manager Shell
Mail-in-a-Box Email Server Python
micro Text Editor Go
Oh My Fish Fish Shell Framework Shell
Oh My ZSH Z-Shell Framework Shell
Owncast Self Hosted Video Streaming JavaScript
Pi-hole Network Blocker Shell
Rust Program Language Rust
Site.js Personall web tool JavaScript
SpaceVim A community-driven vim distribution Vim script
SDKMAN SDK Manager Shell
Starship Cross Shell Prompt Rust
tmpmail temporary email in terminal Shell
termv iptv player in terminal Shell
ugit Git helper Shell
vimiv Batch-rename files Vim like Shell
volta Tool Manager JavaScript
ytfzf Find and watch YouTube videos Shell
YunoHost Selvehosting Repo Debian
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You know about more of this Projects? Pls. commit projects you know fit in this list. You find all on the issue list, feel free to commmit your knowledge.


This project is under the MIT license, see for more th LICENSE file.

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